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Watch These Trends in AI

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is moving fast from an experiential technology to an important part of the business. In every industry, more use cases are under development for AI to drive business efficiencies, data optimization, enhancement of customer experience and support business goals and initiatives. Heading to 2023, AI continues to be an important point of conversation, with various trends showing that AI is the present and future of technology. Watch these trends in AI that shows the direction this technology is taking.


Yes, Human Intelligence and AI Are Different

Artificial intelligence (AI) has indeed come from far. From being a technology thought by many as only applicable in fiction movies to the one that is now changing almost every aspect of our lives, AI is touted as one of the best technologies of the century. Through AI, we now see various applications such as self-driving cars, smart virtual assistants, smart robots and chatbots, to name a few. Since AI became a go-to technology in various industries and our daily lives, a debate pitting AI and human intelligence has emerged and continues to increase with time. While we all agree that human intelligence and AI are different, we need to go deeper by discussing what these differences are. But first, let us start by understanding what artificial intelligence and human intelligence are.


The Future of Artificial Intelligence is In Our Hands

Much of our popular media today has a bleak view of the future of artificial intelligence (AI). Many depictions predict the technology will become sentient and will decide to kill or enslave all of humanity. In other words, to many, it’s only a matter of time before our robot overlords doom us all, and there’s not much we can do. 


Here's What We See in AI for the Rest of This Year

Keeping track of the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI) may be difficult for ordinary people. However, for a business leader, it is a good thing to do despite the challenges you can encounter because learning how new developments can transform the business landscape in your industry can open your eyes to potential opportunities you can invest in. It is no secret that AI is changing the business landscape in many ways. Thus, there is a need to carry out activities such as measuring the return on investment (ROI) for investing in a given AI application on business. As the end of the year comes closer, here is what we see in AI for the rest of this year.


Answers to the Top 7 Questions about AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the technologies that is changing the world for the better. Although people talk about it in different places, a majority do not fully understand what this technology is all about and its impact on businesses and everyday life. It is also an area where organizations seek knowledgeable people to help drive their plans and goals. Here are answers to the top seven questions about AI that you may want to know as an enthusiast.


Put AI to Task in Manufacturing

Artificial intelligence (AI) and manufacturing seemed like a rare scene in a movie a few years ago. In fact, no one would imagine a factory with robots doing tasks that were in the past assumed to be done by humans alone, except in a science-fiction movie. This has changed to a real-life scenario, with AI now used to do various tasks in manufacturing companies. With the advances that have been made in AI and the technology landscape in general, manufacturers can benefit in a variety of ways. Here are some ways you can put AI to task in manufacturing.


AI is changing the Fashion Industry

Decades ago, we grew up thinking that artificial intelligence (AI) was something we would only watch in fiction movies. However, as things pan out, this is no longer the case. AI is now real and is helping us in many areas of our lives. As it turns out, AI is now used in our phones, computers and devices, where it helps more than we could have ever thought. Unlike humans who make mistakes in day-to-day tasks, AI is better in many things, hence the increased adoption in many industries. In the fashion industry, for example, humans make mistakes in sewing and stitching, specifically when cutting fabric. This causes dissatisfaction and frustrations among the employees and customers. However, there is hope with the new capabilities of AI. Artificial intelligence and fashion have converged and now have a new partnership, which has shown potential success in the years to come.


AI-Created Art Can Be Stunning

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and other digital tools are commonplace in many industries. This is the case even as the world moves to digitization to enhance efficiency, transparency and lower operational costs. Using these tools is becoming part of artists’ life as technology becomes easy and ubiquitous. In music, new technologies, particularly artificial intelligence, are significantly changing the nature of creative processes. With the advancement of AI, computers now play a significant role in areas such as music, architecture, science and even arts. Instead of just being a tool that helps human creators, it has become a creative entity in its own right with the ability to create works of art.


Strategize to Implement Artificial Intelligence  

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing almost every industry, one after the other. It is helping in medical research to create vaccines, in education to tutor children and even in the cooking of burgers through machine learning. While these are just a few ways that AI is currently used, there are many other ways and real-world implementations of AI. Machine learning technologies are becoming more accessible than ever. However, it remains a challenge to find a business case for AI. Here are the AI strategies you can implement to improve your desired activity.


AI is Not Superhuman – Yet

With the advancement of artificial intelligence, there is a common misconception of hyper-intelligent algorithms and their ability to take over the world. A leading misconception about AI is natural intelligence. Many articles are alarmist and tend to portray evil-looking robots carrying weapons. They suggest that humans should be worried about robots rising up and killing humans because they have become conscious and can operate independently of humans. While such articles are impressive, they are not entirely correct. Here are some myths that have been propagated against AI.


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