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Things You Might Not Know About Machine Learning Featured

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Artificial Intelligence is already impacting the world in many ways. Many scientists have even compared it to the discovery of fire, although most of them differentiate the two on the creativity they need. While AI was a preserve of a few AI researchers and digital companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, that is no longer the case. AI has entered almost every industry, with nearly everyone now affected by this technology. Machine learning is one of the subsets of AI. It is based on algorithms that allow systems to learn on their own without relying on humans. 

Although AI and machine learning have been here for almost a decade now, there are things we keep learning about this technology each day. Here are some things you might not know about machine learning.

  • Machine learning is defeating humans in their own game.

Modern machine learning has become sophisticated in many ways. AI can now solve various problems, including the Rubik's cube in less than 40 seconds and beating champions of strategy game Go. This capability of AI and machine learning, in particular, shows that computer is slowly edging out humans in some areas that they dominated in the past. It is just a matter of when and not if machines will beat us in things that require intuition and deep thinking, such as chess. 

  • Machine learning has gone beyond North America.

Although North America was the first to take advantage of AI and machine learning, other regions are quickly taking advantage of this technology as well. For example, countries in Europe are using machine learning in industries such as banks to perform things such as statistical modeling, thus improving their profits and sales. Recommendation engines for clients have become crucial for retailers and small and medium-sized organizations in targeting their customers. Machine learning algorithms also help in analytics and talent management in the US as it is in other countries in the world. 

  • Machine learning is helping traditional industries collect fresh business insights.

Machine learning (ML) has become an effective tool for gathering insights and using analytics to process information used to make crucial decisions. In sports, for example, ML tools are vital in digitizing games and distinguishing between good players and tactics from the bad ones. FOR EXAMPLE, the US National Basketball Association relies on machine learning in scheduling their games and allowing coaches to distinguish between bad and good shooters. From this, it is clear that AI is helping leaders make better decisions through advanced algorithms. 

  • Machine learning is helping create art.

While machine learning cannot do everything that humans can, it is slowly making way into some of the most complex areas. Although machines are not capable of original thought like humans yet, they are slowly getting there. It has proven that it can create music, art, and even literature and some of the advanced artificial neural networks are capable of producing some unique things. By learning and constantly cross-examining works of art, AI, through machine learning, can create powerful pieces of art that take an effort of experienced professionals to distinguish from those done by humans. 

  • AI can predict earthquakes.

Although many people think AI and machine learning could soon render them jobless, they are far more helpful in many ways. AI can save lives that natural disasters could have otherwise claimed. An example is The National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering under National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs), which has developed a machine-learning algorithm based on AI to predict an upcoming earthquake and its magnitude in as little as 3 seconds. This has made it possible to warn people of the forthcoming quake in time. This literarily saves the lives of thousands of people. 

While these are some of the things you most likely didn't know about machine learning, there are many more capabilities and knowledge you don't know yet. In years to come, almost everything around us will be automated, and AI's reliance will increase more than ever. This calls for the acquisition of knowledge and learning to better usability and implement machine learning and other AI-related technologies.

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