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The Metaverse Relies on Artificial Intelligence   Featured

The Metaverse Relies on Artificial Intelligence    "The Metaverse"

Metaverse is a buzzword that has taken the world by storm. With Meta (formerly Facebook) doing its best to familiarize people with this new technology, metaverse has become an area of conversation across the globe. Metaverse is a virtual reality (VR) world that allows users to interact, play games, build things and go shopping, as they would do in the real world. It gives users the ability to interact with avatars and 3D digital objects. Metaverse will rely on VR and AR along with AI and blockchain technologies to create a virtual world. Meta, the key investor in metaverse, is already known for its investment in AI and algorithms within platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Since metaverse is a virtual environment, it will rely on AI for many aspects such as content analysis, speech processing, computer vision and other areas. Here is more information regarding how metaverse will use AI.

  1. Avatars

Avatars are a key component that is mostly spoken about in metaverse. Through avatars, people can create themselves in a virtual world with the ability to be creative in terms of design. Avatars allow people to change their virtual selves by altering hair colour, clothing style, and other personal preferences. AI can analyze 2D images or 3D scans and create realistic and accurate avatars for metaverse. Companies like Ready Player Me are already using AI to build avatars for metaverse.

  1. Digital humans

Metaverse has 3D versions of chatbots known as digital humans. These are not the replicas of another person - rather, they are more like AI-enabled non-playing characters (NPCs) in video games that can respond to the actions in a virtual reality world. Digital humans can see and listen to the users and understand what they are saying. They can then use speech and body language to create conversations and interactions like humans. Digital humans are built entirely using AI technology and are crucial in constructing metaverse.

  1. Language processing

Since metaverse will allow people across the world to interact, AI will allow users to connect freely using AI to process language. AI can help break down natural languages like English by converting them into a machine-readable format, conducting analyses and responding. The response can occur after converting results to English or another natural language and sending it to the user. Depending on AI’s training, the results can be converted to any language and sent to users worldwide. This is perhaps the best part of language processing in metaverse. This process does not take long as the explanation makes it sound.

  1. Learning the data

The key elements of AI and ML is the learning data. When AI models are fed with historical data, they learn the outputs of previous models and can develop new outputs based on these. Therefore, the more feedback the AI ingests into the models, the more accurate the outputs are. This continuous improvement of AI models will lead to AI eventually performing tasks and providing the right outputs in the same way as humans. The improvement means that there will be less intervention by humans, and metaverse will grow and become more scalable.

  1. Intuitive interfacing

AI can help in human-computer interactions (HCI). When a user wears a sophisticated, AI-enabled VR headset, the sensors in it will read and predict the user’s electrical and muscular patterns to find out exactly how they want to navigate the metaverse. AI will also help recreate an authentic sense of touch in virtual reality and can AI in voice-enabled navigation so that a user can interact with virtual objects without using hand controllers.

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